Choosing The Right Cigar Ashtray

If you are a passionate smoker, then you are surely aware of the importance of cigar ashtrays. Your smoking experience will definitely increase, depending on the model you choose and the quality of the design, as well as other important factors. Therefore, make sure you read the following lines, because they will provide you with some very useful suggestions on how to choose the best ashtray for you.

In terms of the size, if you are a smoker and do not believe that cigar ashtray must occupy too much space in your home, and then choose a simple model for a single cigar. This will be small enough to never stand out and not get you stuck on your daily activities. On the other hand, if you enjoy smoking with your friends more than you do on your own, you might want to choose a more comprehensive model, with enough space for a greater number of cigars.

It is very important to be a deep ashtray to prevent ashes spread with every airflow in your room. However, if this happens, then use a dry cloth to clean the plastic or wood surface of the ashtray. If the ashes spread over an area covered in fabric, then just vacuuming it will be helpful. Do not touch the surface and not the press it, because ash will enter the fabric and will require more thorough cleaning.

In general, the material from which the ashtray is made must comply with the room style you use. You can choose between wood, glass, clay, plastic, metal, crystal, etc. Avoid exposing a crystal ashtray in a room decorated in a rustic style also avoid raw wood in a modern development. The material determines the weight and stability of a cigar ashtray on a certain surface. A glass or crystal ashtray can be regarded as perishable in a house with animals or children. In this case, you can choose one made of plastic, because it does not break and can be found in a variety of color patterns. Metal ashtrays vary depending on weight. There are models very heavy, very hard that knock down on the table, to those extremely lightweight ones for convenient handling. The glass and crystal models are much easier to clean and do not retain odor, unlike wood or metal.

In terms of models, you’ll find plenty of choices. In stores, you can buy copies of antique or vintage pocket ashtrays that can fit in your purse. If you are not a smoker, but consider that an ashtray is required in each house, then buy them as ornaments. A two-piece base pyramid ashtray or a turtle whose shell is designed for placing the ash might be just what you are looking for.

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