Choosing Wedding Rings in New Jersey

In the United States, marriage is oftentimes reflected in the wedding band. In contrast to the engagement ring, the wedding band is typically understated and simple. That’s why they’re often called bands instead of rings. Typically, they are simple bands of precious metal, though they are sometimes a little more elaborate. For women, more elaborate wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular. Women are beginning to wear wedding bands that are adorned with diamonds.

Diamond Wedding Bands

The diamond wedding band is becoming more popular as women try to match their engagement rings and set themselves apart from others. Typically, the diamond wedding rings in New Jersey are simple, with tiny diamonds around the band. The diamonds in these are usually smaller instead of the bigger stones that are meant to stand out on an engagement ring.

Choosing a Diamond

Diamonds for wedding rings are ranked according to different certification criteria – the most common are EGL and GIA. While these are helpful in determining the relative value of different diamonds, they shouldn’t be your only consideration. Diamonds are graded based on color, cut, clarity, symmetry, and polish. With that being said, even diamonds that are ranked equally are rarely equal. Two diamonds that have the same GIA grade are usually still very different. Also, EGL scores tend to be much higher than GIA scores because EGL has a less strict ranking standard.

You should not choose a diamond only because of its grade. You should also look at the diamond yourself. For wedding rings, round diamonds are very popular, as well as smaller diamonds. Small and round diamonds might not be ranked the highest, but they could be right for your ring.

Diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for wedding bands. The considerations for a wedding band diamond are different than engagement rings, which is why it is so important for you to choose a supplier with a wide selection of stones. Visit Lincroft Village Jewelers for more information!!

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