Colloidal Silver Products – Explaining the Science behind Them

Are you searching for colloidal silver products? In case you are then, you are at the right page. As you will read below, you will find more information about the efficacy of colloidal silver products. Colloidal particles of silver are much in demand today. Often it is due to the fact that silver colloidal particles are proved to show effects in variety of diseases. You can find their contribution in a number of treatments without affecting the cost of treatment. Another reason is ease to synthesize. Silver nanoparticles can easily be synthesized using methods such as Sol-gel technique to make colloidal of it. However, make sure you differentiate between the grades of colloidal before putting them to use.

Generally, there exist two varieties of silvery nanoparticles. One is of the industrial grade, which is used in paints and for conductivity or coating purposes. Other is for the medical purposes. However, if you are searching for medical grade of the solution, then make sure that you opt for purity. Often the most pure grade of colloidal solution is considered fit for medical purpose. On contrary, the grade with little is purity is chosen for industrial application alone. Never be confused over buying cheap colloidal, as they may or may not be fit for medicinal purpose. Moreover, as an ideal practice you may consult your physician before taking the dosage. A doctor can better guide you when it comes to using right dosages.

Further, to find authenticated colloidal products, make sure that you check for certification for the product from the manufacturers of Colloidal Science Laboratory or CSL. You would come across a number of certification, however, make sure you stick to CSL alone. Moreover, the prices too vary based on whether the sample that has been certified by laboratories or not. You may find difference in prices in branded silver colloidal products as well as non-branded commercial colloidal products. However, the strategy is to choose those brands that sell you product at affordable cost.

In addition, you may come across price difference based over different colloidal assays as well. You may visit website of company manufacturing silver colloidal solutions to find in details about their cost. However, as a rule, the variation in price is owing to three main reasons such as particle size, concentration and its surface area. You might have to splurge more money over buying colloidal with less particle size value, large surface area and dense concentration. Moreover, different colloidal solutions are used to treat different nature of bacteria as well as viruses.

Colloidal silver products are on a rise in demand since a long time. Moreover, new pharmaceutical companies are stepping into meet the rising demands, which in future is sure to make colloidal medicines more cost expensive. Research is being conducted in organization and institute alike to bring improvement in production cost with the drug.

Further, to understand particle size effects over the particle surface area, consider a small example as follows. A U.S. silver dollar weighs 26.96 grams in it. Further, it has a diameter of 40mm with a total surface area of about 27.70 square centimeters. Moreover, if a coin were to divide in tiny parts, say of about 1 nm (nanometer) then total surface area of such particles would be decisively 2.817 acres. Hence, particle size indeed affects the surface area of the object and so is true when synthesizing silver nano particles.

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