Colorado Springs RV, Helpful Tips for Buying Used RVs


If you are looking to buy a recreational vehicle that has been in operation for some time, there are things you need to consider keenly. Buying any used Colorado Springs RV is not the same as buying a new RV. Used vehicles have been on the road for quite some time and there are things you may need to check and confirm before you make the purchase. First, you need to liaise with Better Business Bureau to be sure that there are no complaints against prospective businesses dealing in recreational vehicles.

Having done this, you may need to go a step further and ask for reference of satisfied customers from the dealer. If possible, and which is highly recommended, you could follow up with some of the previous customers and get some feedback from them about the purchase they made and how satisfied or dissatisfied they are. You can ask the dealer for any letters of commendation and recommendation and any awards that might have been earned.

What is the length of the warranty on the Colorado Spring RV? It is recommended that you buy a recreational vehicle with an extended warranty as this tells you a lot about the underwriter’s credibility. A number of recreational vehicles come with a three year warranty in addition to one year for the components. Apart for the warranty, when purchasing a used RV, you need to check for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association seal. This you will find displayed on the outside of travel trailers, camping trailers and motor-homes.

This seal is very important and confirms that the manufacturer is a member of Recreation Vehicle Industry Association hence compliant to the appropriate safety specifications that include heating, electrical and fire protection. You also need to inspect the Colorado Springs RV very keenly. Check the ceiling to ensure that there are no water stains. Presence of these would indicate that there is water damage. You also need to check the plumbing fixtures to ensure that there are no leaks and that there is adequate water pressure. Go further to examine the generator of the RV as well as the electrical and water system of the recreational vehicle.

You may need to hire an expert to help you with these inspections just to be sure that you are procuring the best vehicle for your recreational needs. Is the roof rusty? Check the exterior keenly also. Look at the frame for welding or bends which will tell you if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or not. All these considerations will be very handy when looking to purchase a used RV. Take a mechanic with you, to help you in the nitty gritties of the inspection and increase your odds of purchasing the very best recreational vehicle.

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