Coming Up With a Quit Smoking Plan

Quitting smoking may seem like a straightforward process, but it is often a difficult one to achieve. Many challenges and hurdles exist along the way, and they may easily dissuade the smoker from quitting successfully. It is therefore wise and prudent to come up with a quit smoking plan to ensure success.

The purpose of formulating a plan is to help you deal with and overcome all the possible outcomes and frustrations you may encounter during the quitting journey. This means that your chances of long-term quitting are significantly increased since the plan involves having a ‘comeback’ for every hurdle, whether physical or emotional.

Once you make up your mind to quit, set a specific date for it. This prepares you psychologically for the eventuality. It is better to have the date sooner than later, since a date that is far off may be difficult to follow through on. When that day comes, remind yourself that it may not be easy but it can be done and you can succeed.

Define specifically what you need to do when the urges strike. Serious cravings for cigarettes will come and withdrawal symptoms will follow as well. How you handle them will determine how long you take to complete the process since they can derail you. Find information from specialists and others who have gone through the process to help you decide the best course of action in such scenarios.

The temptation to stop the whole quitting smoking process altogether may be quite real and constant, so you will need to get an accountability partner. Find someone who can help you through the process and guide you without making you feel like a total waste but while still telling you the truth; someone who would not be afraid to be honest with you about your situation and genuinely wants to help you.

Remember to get rid of any cigarettes around you since the temptation to reach for one may be extreme. Replace them with sugarless gum, vegetable sticks or hard candy to keep your mouth busy. Also make sure that you remain hydrated by taking juice and water as often as possible. Physical activity should help with stress alleviation and generally keeping you busy which would help you think less about smoking.

Quitting smoking may be a lengthy process that may require assistance from other people, including professionals. But it all begins with your decision to quit and to follow through with your decision to quit. Take it one step at a time, and one day at a time as you go through your quit smoking plan.

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