Common Plumbing Problems

Problems with plumbing can be a real nuisance. Even the smallest of issues can cause real problems in and around the home. Unlike electricity, we don’t associate the same dangers with that of water so we tend to be more relaxed about trying to fix the problem ourselves. Most of the time this leads to water gushing uncontrollably from every orifice and the result is a flooded kitchen. So what are the most common problems around the home associated with plumbing?

Problems in the bathroom

The bathroom is probably the room in which water is used the most. When we wash, use the toilet or brush our teeth we need available water. Some common symptoms to look out for relate to noise, sight and smell.Some of the more obvious problems that require the assistance of a qualified plumber are those concerned with your toilet and bathing area. For example sometimes we have a problem with flushing the toilet; this can be caused by a build up of tissue or the like in the pipes which is stopping the toilet from emptying. A plumber will need to be called in order to fix this problem. Then there is the problem with foul odours which require immediate attention. This can be due to issues with various parts of the bathroom plumbing system. It could be due to issues with the trap if concerning the bathtub or with the wax ring if the problem is associated with the toilet. It is unwise to try and fix the problem without consulting the advice of a plumber. There are various companies offering the services of a certified plumber in the East Kilbride area.

Problems with the water heating system

It is the way of the world that we usually suffer problems with our heating system during the cold winter months when we need it the most. If we do not use our heating system for many months during the warmer summer period then when the weather turns colder and we require the immediate use of the heating system it can sometimes cause problems. The most troublesome problem is a shortage of hot water when we require it. This can be due to any number of reasons and it is always advised to consult a professional plumber so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. If problems like this are ignored without remedial work being done it may be the case that the problem will get worse and worse and therefore become a bigger task to fix resulting in higher costs for you, the home-owner.

When employing the services of a plumber, be sure to choose one that is fully certified and has a solid reputation. Plumbing systems can be complicated and the problems costly to repair so we must choose our plumber wisely!

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