Common Questions Asked about Fire Cleaning in Big Lake

Cleaning up after a fire can be a long process. But it’s important that it’s done right in order to ensure everybody’s safety and properly take care of all the damage. Many people have questions about fire cleaning in Big Lake. To help you understand it better, here are some of those questions with answers from disaster cleanup experts.

What are some of the damages left behind by a fire?

When a fire strikes a home or a business, it does more than just burn the structure. In fact, the actual fire may sometimes be the least of the concerns. One of the most common types of damage left behind is smoke damage. Smoke can seep into the structure and cause a horrendous smell as well as black and gray spots all around. Another potential problem is protein residue. If there was any chicken, beef or other meats around, the fire will burn them and leave behind a greasy mess. Fires can also leave behind burned synthetics, such as plastics. The fumes from these problems can be hazardous which is why it’s best to leave the entire job to a company that specializes in fire cleaning in Big Lake.

How should I secure my property following a fire incident?

If you have had a fire at your home, it’s best to hire a professional to board up and secure the property. Hiring a professional ensures that they have the experience to board up the property correctly and safely. They can make your home or business more secure to deter criminals while you are away. It’s also important to have a professional secure your property because if it’s not done correctly and someone gets hurt on your property, they can sue you.

Can I clean up the smoke and fire damage myself?

It’s not recommended that you do the work yourself for several reasons. For one thing, it can be dangerous going into your home or business following extensive smoke and fire damage. The odor of the smoke can cause breathing problems and the structure could be unstable. Another reason why you should hire a company that specializes in fire cleaning in Big Lake is because they have the products and the tools to do the job right. When they are done with a cleaning job, you won’t have the smell of smoke lingering around or soot and ash remaining somewhere in your home. You can be assured that you won’t even be able to tell there was any damage when the professionals do the job for you.


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