Considering the benefits and features of the BlueAnt Bluetooth Headset

In today’s world involving rapid advancements in technology, a Bluetooth headset has become an
essential possession. Bluetooth headsets are simply the wireless headsets using the Bluetooth
technology. The mechanism behind the working of the Bluetooth headsets is very simple. The devices
installed with Bluetooth technology have to be paired. The Bluetooth sets, unlike the wired headsets
ensure safety while driving and multi-tasking like walking and doing miscellaneous things while talking to

BlueAnt Bluetooth Q2

The BlueAnt Bluetooth headsets are very reliable and handy to use. These sets provide prominent noise
reduction and disturbance-free audio quality. These are the best sets introduced in the world of wireless
headphones. The most recent introduction is the BlueAnt Q2 smart Bluetooth headset. It is instilled
with different advanced technologies like text to speech convertor, the readers which readout messages
and the voice recognition command set. The complete package includes the BlueAnt Q2, the USB cable,
the AC adapter, the ear hooks, the ear buds and the most useful one i.e. the user manual. It features
multipoint technology and its connector type is Micro-USB.


Voice recognition software

The BlueAnt Bluetooth headset comes with the most advanced technology. One can not only use the device with much ease without worrying about the wirings and connections but can also enjoy the feature of attending
and making calls by their voice. Built-in voice recognition command software is installed in it. The
irritating job of attending the calls has reduced to merely say answer or reject orally. To make an
outgoing call, one need to just utter a few phone commands and the call gets connected automatically.

Huge storage memory

For every paired device, the device can store up to 2000 contacts by pairing with another device using
the Bluetooth. Not only this, the respective caller’s name from the contact list gets announced every
time the device gets a call. This is a huge benefit of using the BlueAnt Bluetooth headset especially for elderly people who have problems in reading out the caller’s name every time they get a call.

Audio Messages

BlueAnt supports the android application. With the help of this, the text messages from the inbox can be
readout automatically. Thus BlueAnt has proved to give the best innovative services in connecting a BlueAnt Bluetooth headset with a cellular phone. Moreover, the VLingo application which can be installed in
BlackBerry and Android sets will facilitate reading out all the emails along with the text messages. This is
really an amazing feature of the Bluetooth sets.

Multipoint connection

The BlueAnt Q2 sets support multi point connection. One can easily connect two phones to the headset
simultaneously. One can enjoy attending two calls at a time since both of the phones are connected simultaneously. The facility of switching between two calls is also provided. This is similar to
the call waiting services in the traditional cellular phones.

The audio and the call quality are much more refined. One can enjoy high and better quality sound without
even worrying about the sound clarity. One can easily get the BlueAnt Bluetooth Headset online from
a quality electronic store.

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