Considering the pros and cons of vinyl siding in St. Louis

When choosing the best siding, St. Louis residents may want to consider vinyl siding as an option. With recent advancements in the engineering and construction of vinyl siding, St. Louis homeowners can reap many benefits. Taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of siding can help in determining if this is the best choice for the property you are considering.

About vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has been available since the 1960s and is popular in new construction and home remodeling projects. Fabricated from PVC, it offers extreme versatility in the end product. That is because vinyl siding can take on a wide range of different looks depending on the end goal of the homeowner. Some of the looks you can achieve with this type of siding include a wood finish, slate, and stone. In addition, the colors you can select for your siding St, Louis installation are virtually limitless. With the increased versatility and easy maintenance, it is simple to see why this type of siding is the most popular amongst St. Louis homes both old and new.

Advantages to Vinyl

When considering vinyl siding, St. Louis home owners will see many advantages. One of the main benefits to this option is its durability. Durable and strong, vinyl protects your home from wind, rain, sleet and snow. Additionally, you will find that with this type of siding, St. Louis homes receive adequate insulation during the colder months. Other benefits of vinyl siding St, Louis residents will appreciate are its low cost and easy maintenance. As the most affordable siding option, this type of siding still carries the benefit of lifetime warranties. Cleaning and maintaining this type of siding can be done with soap and water on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Vinyl

When exploring the option of vinyl siding, St. Louis residents should also consider the disadvantages. One of the drawbacks to this type of siding is that it can be extremely flammable. If you are looking for a flame retardant material, then this option will not be best suited to your needs. Other limitations of vinyl siding St. Louis homeowners will notice is that is has to be applied in entire sections. This is because pieces of siding will have a choppy and un-uniform appearance that will detract from the look of your home. This is however more of a concern for the company installing the siding than it is for the homeowner themselves.

Considering the pros and cons of vinyl siding St. Louis home applications can provide a good basis for making an informed decision.

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