Convenience And Safety

It’s easy to understand why automated blinds are very convenient. Instead of walking to each set of blinds and making adjustments, control is done from one location at the push of a button. Blinds can be connected to an automatic controller, allowing the blinds to be adjusted automatically and at various settings at predetermined times throughout the day, even when you are not at home. In fact, they can even be controlled through a software program on your computer, which can synchronize the blinds with the air conditioner, or any other automated device that you please. There are many other reasons to consider automated blinds, but many homeowners consider one of the most important reasons to be safety.

Normal blinds have always been a safety concern. They generally have two ways to set them – how much the blind slats are open and how much the entire blinds are open – and each of these is controlled by a cord. Parents have long been warned that this cord is a strangulation hazard to younger children who are often attracted to these control cords like a cat to a string. The good news for parents is that automated are motorized and have no manual cords as hazards.

This is not the only safety benefit. Blinds are also an effective crime deterrent. Their first benefit comes from shielding the indoors from prying eyes that would otherwise case the joint for likely entrance points as well as televisions, jewelry, or other likely household possessions that could be heisted. It also preserves an important air of mystery to the home: are the occupants there? Is there a dog in the home? Criminals generally look for the easy way, and there are plenty of other homes with wide open windows for them to consider first.

The changing automated blinds themselves are a strong indicator that someone is at home, a huge deterrent to most thieves. Many homeowners put their lights on timers so that lighting matches the appropriate time of day – a good indicator that the homeowners are not on an extended vacation. Motorized blinds can also be controlled for time-appropriate settings to even more effectively do the same thing. Adjustments can be automatically made as many times in the day as appropriate. A thief who is staking the home will be quickly discouraged if he sees the blinds and lights being adjusted every half hour. It can make it seem like the home is never empty.

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