Cosmetic Bonding Teeth Resins Are Affordable Dental Enhancements

If you want to mask certain flaws in your smile, you can find an inexpensive alternative by choosing tooth bonding. The process is fairly simple as it involves bonding a liquid resin over the teeth. Therefore, your smile can be transformed in only one session at the dentist.

A Basic Overview of the Bonding Process

When using cosmetic bonding teeth resins, dentists first prepare the teeth by roughening the enamel. This is done with a conditioning solution so that the resin will adhere more readily. Next, the resin material must be prepped so it can be bonded to the teeth.

Bonding the Resin and Curing It

Once this initial prep work is done, the dentist begins the process of bonding. He or she diligently sculpts and molds the cosmetic bonding teeth resin material until the flaw is corrected. In turn, the look of your smile is immediately enhanced. Once the bonding has been completed, the site is exposed to a light. This light is designed to cure and harden the resin.

The Process Takes Less than 60 Minutes

After the material has been cured and hardened, the dentist trims off any additional cement before polishing the cosmetic bonding teeth resin to perfection. All of this occurs in less than 60 minutes. Thus you can achieve the smile you want at an affordable price and in a short amount of time.

No Anesthesia Is Required

Plus, no anesthesia is applied during the bonding process. Unless the bonding is employed to fill a cavity, no numbing agent is required either. In addition, the enamel that is removed is minimal. So, you really cannot find a simpler cosmetic process for achieving a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

What to Avoid

Once your teeth are bonded, however, be advised that the material is not stain-assistant. Also, patients need to be careful about chewing anything hard or grinding their teeth, as doing so may lead to chips or cracks.

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