Create a Colorful Garden by Buying Bulbs Direct

It seems like many people in your neighborhood have a natural knack for planting the perfect color combinations to make their garden or flower beds look absolutely stunning. If you want to know their secret, it is simply a matter of understanding the basics of color. Just like you choose colors for the interior of your home that flow together, you can do the same thing for the exterior. Understanding how the color wheel works will allow you to choose the perfect combination for the exterior of your home. When you buy bulbs direct, you will be able to choose your specific colors and how to group them in your flower beds.

The Color Wheel

The color wheel was designed to show colors that flow well together. Colors that are directly next to each other can be of the same hue or be one or two shades different, making a small contrast that blends well in your gardens. Colors that are opposite each other are considered contrasting colors and make a dramatic yet gorgeous display for your home.

Monochromatic Colors

If you prefer a more classic look in your flower beds, you can choose monochromatic colors. These are simply different hues of the same color. For spring flowers, you can choose gorgeous hues of pinks, purples or yellows. They combine to make a gorgeous, bright combination for your home. You can buy bulbs direct in a variety of flower types in the same hues as well for a different effect.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are those that are next to each other on the color wheel but are not of the same hue. They mix well together and give your home a bit more excitement than monochromatic colors. These colors are the perfect compromise between monochromatic and complementary colors.

Complementary Colors

The complementary colors are colors that are exactly opposite on the color wheel but go well together. They are colors many people would not think to put together, but once you see them next to one another, you will see the gorgeous way the contrast can provide your home with the look you desire.

If you wish to make a dramatic change in your flower beds, buy bulbs direct in monochromatic, analogous or complementary colors. You can mix and match in different areas of the exterior of your home to give each area its own personality. Flowers have an incredible way of making your house look like a home before anyone even steps into your front door.

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