Critical Functions Handled By an Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist can be one of the most critical kinds of dentists that you can do business with. A dentist like this can be responsible for assisting you with dental needs that might come as a result of an injury or other sudden issue. These services are handled to keep you from suffer from serious long term damages in the event of something sudden.

Tooth Repair

There are many cases where a tooth might become chipped or loose. Your tooth can be very vulnerable at this point. It could develop bacteria and other harmful materials. In some cases the gums may be unable to support your tooth if it has been out of the area for a while. You can have a dentist help you out in the event that your tooth has been damaged from:

* A sporting injury

* Falling down

* Damages while eating

* Some natural forms of wear

These cases could involve substantial damages to your teeth. You’ll have to get the tooth fragment or tooth ready and then prepare it to where you can get it handled by a dentist. This should be done as soon as possible in order to keep the area that your tooth is in from being severely damaged as a result of injury.

Denture Services

An emergency dentist can also be responsible for taking care of dentures. Dentures are made to be durable. However, sometimes they could become damaged due to the base of the dentures being harmed or individual teeth on the dentures breaking off. A dentist should be capable of repairing your dentures with the right adhesives, teeth items and other critical points.

Extraction Services

An extraction is a case where a tooth has to be removed from your gums. Sometimes a certain tough could cause serious problems that might impact the rest of your teeth. An extraction plan from a dentist must control your problematic tooth. It can get your tooth controlled as soon as possible so the rest of your teeth could be safe.

More Intensive Plans

Sometimes the most intensive functions may be handled in the event of an emergency. You should be aware of this because sometimes there are cases where your teeth’s root systems might become infected with bacteria or other harmful materials. They could cause serious damages that can impact the rest of your teeth and keep you from being as healthy as possible.

One such example of an intensive service is a root canal. This is where the root of a tooth has to be removed and cleaned so the tooth can be safe. The procedure is not the most popular procedure for people to handle but at the same time it has to be done to keep the root from being infected or inflamed any worse than what it might already be like.

The services that an emergency dentist can work on are not always the most popular procedures for people to use. However, they are all necessities because they involve keeping the teeth healthy in the event that there is a serious problem going on with them. You should be aware of what an emergency dentist is capable of doing for you in the event.

Bethlehem Family Dental is capable of handling many emergency dental services around Lehigh Valley. Visit us to learn more about the basic and intensive services that BFD uses for all its patients.


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