Dallas, TX Rat Identification, Removal, and Protection

There are many names for the most common rat in the United States; sewer rats, house rats, wharf rats, and brown rats are all the same rat that was imported here over two hundred years ago. Today they represent one of the most easily recognized and well-known pests in the country, and getting rid of them always feels like a really big job. There are some places to start, though, for anyone who thinks they need rat removal in Dallas, TX.

Identify the Problem

Rats tend to be cautious, wary, and clever, staying out of your way almost all of time time and taking advantage of the nights, when you are sleeping and oblivious. But if you suspect something more than the common house mouse, it’s time to look into identifying the infestation for what it is. Rats will often burrow underground, and will make similar burrows in insulation, in your attic, and in your belongings if left unattended.

You may also hear scrambling in the walls, roof, or attic, or you’ll see chewed wires as well as rat feces. Obviously, this last one is the clearest sign that you’re dealing with rats rather than any other vermin. Commonly, rats and squirrels inhabit the same place in the environment, so check to make sure that the scuffling you hear in the walls or ceiling are not squirrels rather than rats. Either way, though, you’ll need some kind of pest removal to deal with the infestation.

Protect Yourself from Infestation

One way to help deter rats is to keep basements, cellars, and attics clear of comfortable stuff like old mattresses, blankets, or clothing. Regularly clear out unused spaces and rooms, just to be sure that no nesting has begun. Single rats are rarely a problem, but a whole family quickly turns into an infestation.

Because rats are often carriers of diseases as well as insects like mites, ticks, and fleas, rat removal is very important if you have an infestation happening. Rather than waiting until it’s really bad, contact a Dallas rat removal professional as soon as you think there may be a problem. If you can get things under control quickly, you won’t be dealing with a truly huge problem.

Long Term Rat Removal Success

While a rat removal company here in Dallas will be able to rid you of your rat infestation, it will be up to you to ensure that they don’t come back. Clean regularly, check dark places, and fix any burrows or holes that rats may have created or where they entered the house in the first place.

For any rat removal needs in the Dallas TX area, Critter Control can handle the job. Call Critter Control when you need professional rat removal.

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