Damaged Roof? Hire a Contractor to Install a New Roof in Colorado Springs

Every region has it’s weather challenges from blizzards to unrelenting summer heat. When homeowners are considering installing a new roof, they should look for contractors that have experience in their area. New Roof Colorado Springs experienced contractors will understand the region’s snow and climate changes. Because they’ve been installing new roofs for years, they know from first-hand experience what brands and types of shingles, tiles, or even metal roofs stand up best.

It’s important for homeowners to hire contractors licensed by the state of Colorado. That way they know that they are working with reputable builders. This is particularly important after major weather events. When many people need home repairs, some homeowners panic and worry that they will have to wait a long time. That’s when charlatans posing as contractors convince these homeowners to pay cash for new roofs and other costly repairs. Once they have the money, they leave town. The homeowners are even more desperate than before.

All New Roof Colorado Springs contractors should have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If the contractors break a window while working on the roof, their insurance and not the homeowner’s will cover it. If a worker falls off the roof and is severely injured the homeowner is protected by the worker’s compensation process. When a contractor doesn’t have these two policies, the homeowner can find themselves in an expensive lawsuit.

After a New Roof has been installed it’s important for the homeowner to maintain it properly. Even if the shingles have a twenty-year warranty, this doesn’t mean that the homeowner doesn’t have to take care of the roof. Every spring it’s a good idea to have a roofing contractor inspect the roof and even the gutters. Once he’s on the roof, he can see loose or missing shingles that aren’t visible from the ground. He’ll make sure that the gutter isn’t leaking at any of the seams. Any small problems can be easily and quickly fixed. That ensures that the homeowner won’t be dealing with any water damage, mold or mildew. They’ll have the peace of mind that they are ready for a large blizzard or rain storm.

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