Dental Cleaning

In addition to regular brushing and flossing at home, dental professionals recommend a dental cleaning every three to six months. Dental cleanings provide a more deeper and thorough cleaning that removes built up plaque and calculus from the surface of the teeth. The dental cleaning Vancouver, WA patients receive will usually be administered by the dental hygienist.

At the appointment to receive a dental cleaning, an X-ray may be provided which examines all of the teeth in order to detect decay or calculus build up. This allows the dentist and hygienist to have a more thorough look at the interior of the patient’s mouth. In addition to the X-ray, the gum tissue will be examined to detect any abnormalities and an oral cancer screening will also be provided. Biting, swallowing, and chewing patterns may be evaluated and referrals to specialists may also be scheduled at this time if needed.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

The dental cleaning procedure is a straightforward cleaning process where plaque and tartar will be completely removed from the teeth with dental equipment. These professional tools will scrape against the tooth’s enamel in order to completely rid it of built up calculus and plaque. Polishings, fillings, and crowns may also be applied once the cleaning has been completed. Patients wanting to stay current with their next dental cleaning Vancouver, WA dentists offer will want to schedule their follow up appointment right away.

Schedule a dental appointment with your local dentist in Vancouver, WA for a dental cleaning treatment to maintain optimal oral health. You can visit them on Google+ for more information.



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