Dental Implants Are The New Dentures!

Almost everyone is familiar with dentures and how they can help to fill the gaps caused by missing teeth, or how they can even replace all your teeth; but they do come with their issues. Dentures need special care, and this can become a real pain. You will more than likely have to remove them at night and soak them in a solution so they are kept clean.

They can also cause problems later on in life. As we grow older, our gums change shape and if you wear dentures they can become ill-fitting which can cause discomfort. You might also find that your dentures will prevent you from eating certain foods because things like seeds get stuck underneath them; or eating foods such as beef just isn’t possible because your dentures are not up to the job.

Whilst dentists do still use dentures as an option for people, the art of implant dentistry in St. Louis is becoming an ever more popular solution for replacing teeth. There are a few reasons for this, and the first one is they can be looked after just like your own teeth. The other reason is it’s very hard to tell if someone has a fake tooth if they have implants because they are modeled in such a way that they fit right in with your natural teeth.

There are a myriad of reasons why your dentist will suggest you have implants; as said, they can help fill the gaps of missing teeth, or you can have all of your teeth replaced. Implants can even help if you don’t have any teeth missing but just have an unsightly gap you want rid of.

When you approach a professional who does implant dentistry in St. Louis they will want an initial consultation with you. This meeting is useful to both patient and dentist. You will be able to ask questions about the technology they use and discuss any other concerns you may have. The dentist will take a look at your teeth to make sure they’re healthy, and they will also check your gums.

If they find any problems, a reputable dentist will not fit implants until your mouth is free from disease. Once they’re happy with the health of your mouth, they will schedule an appointment for you to have the implants fitted. These are made of the highest quality metals that are designed to attach themselves to your jaw bone.
Your dentist will drill a hole in your gum and fit the implant, after which, you will need some time for it to heal. When you have healed properly and your dentist is satisfied that the implant has taken correctly, they will set about fixing a crown which will be you new tooth.

As said, implants are very popular, and if you make sure you look after them as directed by your dentist, they will last you a life-time which makes them great value for money. You should however, make sure you see your dentist at least twice a year for a check-up.

You should choose implant dentistry St Louis over dentures. Numerous clinics have specialists who carry out this procedure every day, and will help you achieve the perfect smile. Visit

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