Dentist Services: Root Canal Treatment And Tooth Extraction

Whenever you see the dentist’s chair, you are reminded of the long hours spent by you on it six months back. Yet you are back again, as you are totally convinced about the fact that the only way you can keep your teeth in good shape is by bringing them under expert dental supervision, regularly. What is it that the dentist does to keep your teeth healthy? And why is it that even though you are regular in your visits, you still experience a slight pain in every sitting?


Practically, there is a certain amount of plaque development and accumulation every day. This is due to the food you partake everyday, minute remnants of which trigger bacteria action on your teeth and gums. In order to maintain good and healthy teeth, you also need to have healthy gums. Your dentist basically makes sure that any plaque accumulation is cleared in each of these sittings. Also, any early signs of disease conditions are suitably treated with appropriate medication and procedures. Here is a brief look into two of the most commonly occurring teeth maladies.


Root Canal Treatment

The root canal exists between the gum and inner layer of your teeth. When there is increased bacterial action in your teeth, the nerves and blood vessels will slowly undergo decay. As the inner pulp decays, your tooth slowly loses its inner strength and undergoes gradual decay. This will ultimately result in your teeth falling off. When early signs of root canal damage is observed, your dentist will undertake root canal treatment and clear the inner dead tissues and debris that has accumulated in the area.


Tooth Decay

Incomplete cleaning of your teeth results in gradual tooth decay. The decay may start from the root canal and grow upwards, or it may start with surface level infection or lesions that grow deeper into the teeth. In both the cases, your teeth slowly loses its functional viability and will fall off if not attended to in time. Whenever your dentist finds any case of decay or damage, he will take measures to negate its growth in your teeth. If the condition of decay is at an aggravated level, then the affected tooth is extracted to prevent the decay from spreading to surrounding teeth and gums.


When there is a need to avail the services of a dentist, Gig Harbor residents must make sure they go for the best. For this they will need to have a clear idea of the dental clinics operating in their area. Out of the most popular one they must select the office that extends services of experienced dental professionals. Only then will they be able experience the best services for themselves and their near and dear ones.

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