Dentist time for you

Your teeth are important to you, and if they are not, now is the time to think about making them important.  They do many good things for you including the fact that they help you chew your food into to digestible sized pieces, they are fundamental in the formation of words and sounds, and they are also the first thing people see when you smile at them.  So how do you go about looking after such an important tool in your body?  Brushing.  You need to brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day, with a good quality toothbrush, using a dental association-recommended toothpaste.  But this is not enough on its own.  It is also important that you have professional advice on a regular basis as to the state and condition of your teeth, by making regular visits to your dentist.  A qualified dentist is the only person who can fully advise you on your oral health, and the state and condition of your teeth in general.  And if there is a problem, he is qualified to address this and take preventative and corrective actions, be this in the form of a filling to save your tooth, or root canal treatment to relieve toothache while preserving the tooth. The dentist is able to do this for you at an early stage if you visit regularly.  And if you do have to have a tooth removed, he will be able to fit a false tooth or bridge, all to restore your eating to normal, and your smile back to glowing.

And it is not just the cosmetic appearance of your smile that a dentist is concerned with.  No, there are wider health issues and implications he looks for too during your regular check up.  A qualified dentist will look for signs of oral cancer. Early detection, like with any form of cancer, is vital in the treatment of this condition.

Dental treatment may seem low down on the list with everyone’s budgets being stretched to their limits, but without regular visits you could be putting your health at risk.  Talk to your local practice about a dental plan: you may find it is more affordable than you first thought, with the option to spread the cost of any treatment. If money is an issue it is worth considering a dental plan that will ensure your treatment is covered if you have need of dental care, resulting in your being able to focus on your health at a time when this should be your only concern.

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