Designing A New Bedroom

Decided to replace your old bedroom furniture with modern furniture? The process should begin with finding the right size furniture for the room, as well as the color scheme you want. Next comes the furniture itself. There are three main areas you should start with: the bed, the nightstands and the dressers.

The Bed

The bedroom is all about the bed. Let’s face it you spend the majority of your time in the bedroom in the actual bed. When you pick a bed you need to keep a few things in mind. What size do you need? Singles hold one person. Doubles comfortably hold two people. Twin size beds, you would think would hold two people, hold a single person with more room. Queen and King size beds which can hold more than two people but are often used as a way to increase bed space. There are beds with box springs and without them. There are bed with head boards and foot boards. Some beds have storage spaces in embedded in them. The options are almost limitless. Then there is the material the frames are made out of, you could have metal or any number of kinds of wood. The most important thing to keep in mind though is whether or not the bed is comfortable to you. So when you buy a bed make sure you know what you’re getting and if you can make sure to try out the various mattresses before you buy.

The Nightstand

The nightstand is also known as a side table and is often located directly next to the bed itself. This is the place where you might put your lights and other various bed time sundries. It could hold you books, a glass of water or a place for you to keep your glasses when you go to sleep. These little stands usually come with drawer space but some of the more modern designs are just simple nice looking tables that are meant to look good with your choice of bed.

The Dressers And Chests

One of the bigger staples of a bed room is a place to hold all of your clothing. There will be closet space but you can’t fit everything in them. You need drawer space or storage space for your other things. Dressers and on occasion chests make for great storage.

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