Diagnosing Your Boiler Problems in Chicago Area

Boilers are very efficient and economical means to heat your house and supply all your hot water needs. Water is heated in a metal tank, and then transferred to your faucets or a central heating system for your home. Boilers last for years without any problems, but when you start to notice problems, you should call an expert on boiler repair in Chicago. Waiting to address the problem could mean a more expensive repair or the possibility of replacing the boiler entirely.

There are two types of boilers – electric and gas. The most common reason for gas boiler repair in Chicago is because it is not producing enough heat or any heat at all. This may be caused by low water level or mineral deposits in your tank. You may be able to fix this by adding water, but if it is caused by mineral deposits, you will need to cleanse the tank. If you do this incorrectly, it can cause serious problems, so it is recommended that you call a boiler repair expert in Chicago. Gas boilers can also have problems with the expansion tank, whether it does not have enough air, or the water level is too high. If the temperature at the bottom of the tank is not hotter than the temperature at the top, the system will not work. Radiator problems could also cause your boiler to malfunction. There could be a valve that is not working properly, or there could be air locked in the radiator or the line leading to it. Experts on boiler repair in Chicago can also fix these radiator problems.

If you have an electric boiler, different problems could arise. One of the most common problems is when the thermocouple sensor fails. This sensor controls the gas flow for the system and keeps tabs on the amount of heat being generated. Boiler repair experts in Chicago may be able to fix the sensor, but you may also need to have it replaced. The other common problem with electric boilers is leakage, which can affect the pressure in the system and cause it to work improperly. Water evaporation can do the same thing, but of course, it will be harder to discover. An expert on boiler repair Chicago area, however, should be able to locate the problem and find the appropriate solution.

The minute you suspect problems, you should call someone who knows about boiler repair in Chicago. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an ice cold shower in the middle of February, or, even worse, have to pay for a whole new boiler system. Don’t wait until it’s too late; fix minor boiler problems before they become major problems

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