Different Diamond Necklace Styles

A diamond necklace is a popular accessory for both men and women alike. They can range from a simple chain and solitary pendant, to an elaborate collar full of diamonds. The style of diamond necklace that is right for you will vary depending upon your own personal style and the occasion you are wearing it for.

Diamond Necklace Pendants

A diamond necklace with a pendant is the most popular style of necklace. They tend to be less expensive and less flashy than a ‘true necklace’ with many diamonds. Diamond pendants can vary widely depending upon the size, color, and number of diamonds that are desired. A great every day option is a simple solitaire pendant. This style consists of a chain, with a single diamond pendant, typically in a square-shaped cut. Another popular option, especially with men, tends to be a cross, either with one diamond in the middle, or multiple diamonds lining the entire cross.

True Diamond Necklace Styles

Diamond necklaces come in many styles, with the two most popular being a collar or a choker. A choker necklace is a diamond necklace that tends to ‘hug’ or ‘choke’ the neck. It is very close to the neck/throat area of the wearer and lined with rows of diamonds. Simple chokers have only one row of diamonds, while the flashier ones can have much more, covering the entire neck with diamonds. A collar style necklace lies along the collarbone area of the wearer, and is a bit longer than a choker style. These necklaces can also range from very simple to very flashy, depending upon the number of diamonds added. A collar necklace tends to look better on a person that has a longer neckline and longer torso, so the diamonds are all clustered together and can lay flat. True necklaces are almost always more expensive than a simple diamond necklace with a pendant. That’s because they contain many more diamonds than a simple pendant necklace. These styles of necklace are typical of what is seen being worn by Hollywood elite at red carpet events. Even then, many of them are ‘borrowed’ or ‘rented’ because they can cost millions of dollars for one necklace.

Diamond necklaces have been a mainstay in the fashion world for years. Depending upon your individual style and the occasion called for, there is definitely a diamond necklace that will suit your wants and needs. Pendant style diamond necklaces tend to be the most popular style, and can be extremely decorative and fancy or simple and understated, depending upon the pendant style. Whichever style you choose, you are sure to be pleased with your diamond necklace for years to come.

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