Different kinds of water damage: Do you know the difference?

There are different types of water that can damage your home and each one needs a different type of restoration method in order for your home to be safe. Most homeowners are not aware of this, but a professional restoration company in Highwood does.

When your home is damaged by busted water pipes or rainwater then most of the time the damage can be repaired by drying your home out. This means having the furniture removed from the wet area, carpet and carpet padding pulled up so that they can be thoroughly dried and then cleaned. Excess moisture from the walls can usually be dried out with professional sized industrial fans. If your wall paper or sheet rock are damaged, then a professional home restoration company will know exactly what you need done to restore your home to a safe living space. If this type of water damage is corrected quickly, then there is little chance of mold and mildew forming that can cause further damage and health hazards. If the flooding is caused by backed up creeks, streams of sewer overflow, then you are looking at major contamination and a different clean up method is needed. Most of the times any wall coverings, flooring and carpet have to be pulled up and completely replaced as there are dangerous contaminants and toxic organisms that all the strong chemicals available cannot completely eradicate. This type of damage restoration definitely calls for the expert services of a professional Highwood restoration company.

Time is a key element in minimizing damage created by water leaks, rainfall or sewer backups. The sooner you get things drying out and proper ventilation moving through your home, the faster the damage repair work can begin.  Proper cross ventilation can also help prevent structural damage to your home.

If your home is damaged by flood waters, then you not only have to deal with contaminated water but debris that is left behind. Debris can not only be full of toxic materials but sharp edges and hazardous materials such as insulation or asbestos. Trying to remove the debris, dry your home out and restore it is something that is best done by professionals. Most of the time, homeowner’s insurance covers this type of home repairs. If you don’t have coverage for this type of repairs, many professional restoration companies often volunteer their time to help needy families hit by floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

If your home is damaged by flood, rainwater, busted water pipes or other types of water damage, protect it and your family, and have it restored to a safe and healthy environment by one of the expert restoration services.

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