Different Types of Cooling Systems Useful in Riverside, CA

Today, the cooling systems are designed and developed in such a way that even if their transformer tends to reach at a hot temperature, the system has a loading capacity to dissipate the heat. However, if a transformer level reaches at critical temperature levels, then alternatively there are chances of transformer breakdown. However, it also happens due to an aging and accelerating process of transformer insulation. In addition, it is said that climatic conditions in Riverside, California are so hot and humid that even a load capacity holding transformer cannot work, thus resulting in failure of the cooling system. Therefore, the transformer for cooling systems in Riverside, CA should hold critical temperatures. Furthermore, mentioned below are some of the types of cooling systems which can be very useful for people residing in Riverside, California.

Types of Cooling Systems:
The first type is (ONAN) Oil Immersed Natural Cooled: In this type of cooling system, transformer is cooled down due to the natural flow of oil. Moreover, radiators can also provide additional cooling, but it increases surface area on to which a large transformer can also dissipate heat.

The second type is (ONAF) Oil Immersed Air Blast: In this type of cooling system, air is been circulated in every space, moreover the fans are also fitted in air blast cooling systems to low down the temperature of transformer. However, the installed fans do not consume much of oil or electricity to dissipate the heat, thus here you can also save on cost. Moreover, by combining energy saving equipment along with appropriate insulation to your ONAF can save your energy bills up to 40%.

The third type is (ONWC) Oil Immersed Water Cooled: In this sort of cooling system, a transformer easily cools down due to inner loop in which the water flows constantly. This technique is reasonable as long as substantial quantity of water is readily available. Moreover, in recent years, many individuals all over the globe are using this technique, as it is affordable as well as a simple to carry out. Most of the western countries have termed this method as (FOWC) Forced Oil Water Cooling.

The fourth type is (OFAC) Forced Oil Air Blast Cooled: Here, cooling is carried in two unique ways. First, pump facilitates the oil circulation, which allows a transformer to carry out cooling, whereas in second, radiators are joined along with fans, thus to provide air blasts.

The fifth type is (OFSC) Forced Oil Natural Air Cooled: In this type of cooling system, the pump is installed within the oil circuit to aid in the oil flow.

However, all these types of cooling systems mentioned above are the most prominent ones by which you can get a chilled atmosphere in your house, hotel or office. Moreover, the technique of forced cooling could be very beneficial for the people of Riverside, California, because the performance of thermal transformers gets directly improved due to the high loading capacity of the cooling systems. Above all, such innovated cooling systems do not make any kind of noise.

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