Discover Five Great Paris Restaurants You Never Heard Of

When traveling abroad, many people look for a great time. Sometimes they want something completely unique. Finding five great Paris restaurants you never heard of is one way to make your vacation special. Traveling and eating in Paris is something many people do, but prices are becoming ridiculous. Finding bread, cheese, and macaroons is no problem in Paris. Finding a restaurant that serves good food for reasonable prices is becoming impossible. Don’t worry; the impossible has become easier. This prevents you from having to use your international phone to call home and order pizza.


A true gem within a city like Paris is something tourists search for. This is it; a hidden gem that has recently opened. It is not well known merely because it just opened. It has fresh home cooking in a small restaurant setting. With three featured desserts daily, you can’t go wrong. The owner is the chef and was trained at the Ritz Cooking School. She spent years as a private chef for the wealthy. She has done an exceptional job of bringing the standards of a private cook into a restaurant. If you are looking for an elegant French restaurant with home cooking, this is the top choice. Keep in mind, it’s closed Sundays and Mondays.

Resturant du Luxembourg

A warm, inviting restaurant within the city of Paris shouldn’t be difficult to find. The search for a restaurant that has beautiful comfort food has come to an end when you dine at Resturant du Luxembourg. They serve wonderful Gratin de Macaroni with Parma ham. The comfort food is excellent at this restaurant. There is also a small bar where locals stop for a glass of wine. One of the owners, Nicolas, has lived in the States and is fluent in English so he’s also a great person to converse with, especially if you’re trying to learn French. There’s now no need to use an international phone to call home to hear fluent English. One warning, this restaurant is far from “typical,” but it is classic and Parisian.


As organic food becomes something that is sought after, Supernature is a restaurant in Paris that matches the desire of tourists who want a great organic meal. The unique organic cafe has some really creative food choices. Some of their meals include curried split-pea soup. There’s also the option of ordering an organic cheeseburger with sprouts if you truly want to. The sweet potato and Gorgonzola quiche is a must try. You’ll probably find yourself sitting down and talking on your International phone with all your friends, telling them about the fabulous organic meal you just had.

Gentle Gourmet Cafe

Eating in Europe can be really hard on a vegan or vegetarian, but at Gentle Gourmet Cafe the battle is over. They service vegan, organic, and raw just to name a few things that set them apart. It’s a boutique/deli that services a wide variety of French and Mediterranean food in a classic bistro atmosphere. It re-opened on May 13, 2012 and has outdoor seating. Use your world phone to call and make reservations because they are required.


Loving-Hut is a family-owned vegan and organic restaurant that sells Asian food too. It’s an international chain of vegan restaurants that are being opened by followers of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. It also has a small vegan grocery corner and does not require reservations so don’t worry about using your world phone to call for reservations. Bring your credit card but don’t forget it’s not open on Sundays.

With all of these restaurants to choose from, you’ll be sure to have a blast. Trying restaurants that are not well known can make you a little fearful. However, with the sparkling reviews, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a great meal.

Hopefully you learned something about new restaurants to try on your next trip to Paris. You’ll probably need an international phone if you plan to call for reservations from France. This is because most US cell phones don’t work aboard. However, you can buy or rent a world phone from Cellular Abroad instead.

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