Do You Want to Host an Unforgettable Birthday Party?

Regardless of whether you are turning 5 or 25, who doesn’t want to host an unforgettable birthday party?

As a parent, you know you want your child to have a wonderful day with his or her friends. Knowing it, and deciding how to do it, are often two very different things. The first consideration is the venue. Is it best to have the party at home, or is it better to choose a different location for the birthday party in Bergen NJ? The third option, and the best option is to have a purpose designed arcade truck show up in front of your home.

Limo Style Game Theatre

What child does not enjoy the challenge of a thrilling, high-energy video game? Just imagine how your son or daughter, and their friends, will enjoy walking into a “brand new world.” Arcade truck parties provide just this environment. The limo style theatre is a private, safe, gaming spot that is fully equipped with giant screen HDTV’s, red-hot video games, and futuristic chairs for 20 kids.

Images are only one element, but when you add pulsing sound and special effects lighting, you have the ultimate playpen for children of all ages.

The interior of the arcade truck is fully air-conditioned. For kids who want to try something different, the truck has a fully covered, outdoor gaming area.

Arcade trucks are ideal for birthday parties, but they are not limited to that. The same truck can be used for anything from corporate team building events to family reunions, and everything in-between.

Think of the Benefits

When you opt for a full-blown party truck, the party comes to you, but rather than in your house, the party is at your house. Set up and clean up are not your problems, you can sit back and enjoy every stress-free minute of your kid’s birthday party in Bergen NJ.

Are you planning a birthday party in Bergen NJ? Contact Rockin Party LLC.

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