Does Your Hair Need Color Correction?

It happens to the best of us. We take a gamble and go for the drugstore hair dye only to be left with a hair color that is everything BUT what we were going for. Whether your locks ended up darker, lighter, or totally off the mark from your target hair color, you’re a candidate for a treatment known as color correction. Rye salons offer this valuable service, and it’s a great way to ensure that you don’t feel silly walking out the door any longer!

Too Bright?
This is a very common mistake when people are shooting for a blonde or a red color. Reds have a tendency to pull very differently than what’s shown on the box of hair dye. Color correction can tone down a red that is more cartoonish than stylish, and it can also take a blonde and tone down any brassy undertones that are causing it to look more on the orange side. These are both common issues with boxed dyes, and they’re easily corrected by a salon professional.

Too Dark?
If you were going for a more toned down dirty blonde but ended up as a full-blown brunette, color correction in Rye can also help you lighten up your locks to achieve the shade you originally intended. Whether you left the dye on too long or chose a color that was too dark for your current hair color, it’s quite easy to miss the mark and end up darker than anticipated when dying your hair at home.

Don’t Panic
The best advice is that if you’ve messed up your hair color with boxed hair color, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. By doing so, you could end up mixing shades that weren’t meant to be mixed leaving you with purple, green, or even orange hair.

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