Don’t Leave The Storm Damage Upper Unchecked After A Storm

Hail and the wind can severely damage a roof. Damage to the Storm Damage Upper can result in missing shingles, dents, and missing granules on the roof. After a wind or hail storm, it is recommended to have a roof inspected by a roofing company. These inspections are usually free of charge. Venturing up on a roof without the proper shoes or ladder could become very dangerous. Another issue is when an individual is not trained for what to look for. Damage is usually not seen from the ground level except for when wind damage has removed shingles. If shingles are loose, there is no way to see this from the ground.

Hail damage is impossible to see from the ground level. A close inspection of Storm Damage Upper can show signs such as:

  • Dents in the softer metal on the roof peak and air vents.
  • Half-moons on the asphalt shingles.
  • Bruised appearance on shingles.
  • Missing granule areas where the black part of the shingle is exposed.
  • Dents in the shingles.

A close inspection to the Storm Damage Upper should be performed by a professional. They can check in an attic for signs of water entering the home and can check the condition of the fascia, vent pipes and the seals around the air vents. If there has been severe damage to a roof from a tornado or a tree impacting the roof, it is not recommended to enter the home or to try to secure the roof without the assistance of a professional. It’s very helpful when the roofing company works with the insurance company to repair or replace the roof. A roofing company should warranty their work for several years after installation.

A homeowner should consider an alternative roofing material to prohibit storm damage in the future. A roofing company like JF Baker Roofing can inspect a roof free of charge after storm damage or because of an owner’s request. Keeping a roof in top notch condition means there’s not a chance of water entering a home or business and damaging its internal structural integrity. Their experience in the roofing industry and quality customer service will leave a homeowner or business owner with the peace of mind the job is done right the right time. You can follow them on Twitter.

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