Don’t Overlook Hardware Options When Buying Home Windows in Fort Worth

Home Windows Fort Worth have come a long way over the past century. Today’s windows are designed for safety, security, aesthetics and efficiency. Although windows are designed to let light into the home, they do a great deal more than this and play a role in how the house looks and feels. Windows are your access to the outside world and your first consideration needs to be whether to go with double or triple glazed windows and things such as this. When you go to choose Home Windows Fort Worth at AAA Glass though, you’ll find there are many types to select from and a wide range of window hardware options that you should consider.

Most single and double hung windows come with a locking latch. This latch sits on the top of the bottom sash with the other piece attached to the bottom of the top sash. These two pieces work together to operate the lock and most home owners are familiar with windows of this type. In addition, most windows of this type feature handles at the bottom of the lower sash which allow you to open the window. These features can be used for aesthetic purposes or they may be nothing more than indentations in the frame.

Awning windows come with a crank handle rather than a latch while casement windows feature a latch located on the frame’s vertical edge where the window opens. On the window sill, you’ll see an operating crank handle. Take care when choosing either of these window types as some owners do find the cranks interfere with window treatments such as blinds. One option is a fold-down crank handle with another being a butterfly handle which rotates. Both won’t interfere with window treatments.

Take the time to consider not only the window type, but also the window hardware as you want windows which are both functional and beautiful. Hardware types may vary by manufacturer also so don’t feel you are stuck with only a few options. Looking at other window manufacturers can broaden your choices significantly. Be aware that there are often additional charges when you upgrade hardware, but this extra money will be worth it when you see how great your new windows look in your home.

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