Drain Clogged? Call A Local Plumber In Ferndale, WA For Help

Washing dishes is bad enough but, when the greasy water won’t go down the drain, it makes the chore even worse. Likewise, taking a shower with dirty water up to your ankles is enough to make anyone feel dirty even though they’re in the shower trying to wash clean. Everyone expects to turn on the faucet and the water will go down the drain. When this doesn’t happen, it’s usually time to call a Local Plumber in Ferndale WA for assistance.

Kitchen sink clogs usually come from some form of grease or food. Some people believe that if they wash food down the drain, it’s gone forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It frequently stops or becomes stuck somewhere in the pipe. When this happens, it makes it easier for additional food to get hung-up in the same spot, eventually causing an impenetrable clog. Grease is also a common culprit. Many don’t realize that though the liquid grease pours down the drain easily, it usually hardens to some extent as it comes in contact with the cooler water in the pipes. When this happens over time, the clog will grow and, eventually, clog the pipe, requiring the assistance of a Local Plumber in Ferndale WA to get the water flowing again.

No one wants to jump in the shower for a quick refreshing rinse just to find their feet covered in dirty water. Fortunately, showers don’t have the worries of food and grease clogging the drain but, instead, something almost as "gross" to clean out – hair. Dirty, slimy, soap-scum coated hair is usually the culprit for shower drains. Fortunately, they’re rather simple to remove with either a plumbing tool or even a metal coat hanger or something similar. Generally, as soon as the hairy clog is removed from the drain, the shower will function properly, leaving you feeling truly fresh and clean all the way from head to toe.

Finding a local plumber is easy online. Visit a few websites, such as Lavergneplumbing.com and see what the experts have to offer. Their prices are competitive, and the service can’t be beaten. Don’t delay. Call them today for clear drain tomorrow.

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