Earn More with a Degree in Medical Assisting

If you are interested in the medical field because you have a desire to help others, you may enjoy a career in medical assisting. The medical field offers a wide variety of career options with competitive benefits and wages. A degree in medical assisting can get you on your way to earning a great living at a career you love. However, you may want to learn more about the role and responsibilities before going for your degree in medical assisting.

Medical assistants are a vital member of the medical team in hospitals, clinics, and other health care institutions. They perform a wide variety of tasks including administrative and clinical duties. Medical assistants work closely with doctors, while providing adequate care and treatment to patients and visitors. The demand for medical assistants is so high because of the increase in population in the United States. As more and more people need medical care, there needs to be more trained individuals available to supply care and support for patients.

Since a medical assistant is quite a broad term, let’s take a look at some of the more common duties you will be responsible for once you complete a degree in medical assisting:

  • Administrative and front office duties such as scheduling, answering and transforming phone calls, and transporting patients.
  • Explaining registration forms and requirements to patients, as well as obtaining pertinent medical insurance information for appointments.
  • Performing various data entry tasks.
  • Mediating procedures and policies between the hospital and visitors.
  • Purchasing equipment and maintaining medical supplies.
  • Processing medical insurance claims, excelling at medical coding and billing, and ensuring that information is accurate.
  • Drawing blood and administrating various vital tests.
  • Applying bandages and dressings to wounds.
  • Work closely with medical lab and technicians.
  • Observe and record patient progress and report to nurses and doctors.
  • Collect urine samples for diagnosis.

There are many online programs that will help you achieve your degree in medical assisting. These programs let you learn at your own pace and convenience, while still allowing you to enhance your skills and techniques as a medical professional. These programs also include courses to improve your communication skills and social interaction with patients. If you have the desire to help others through their illness and times of hardship, you are well on your way to becoming an empathic and successful medical assistant in the health care field.

A degree in medical assisting can get you on your way to earning a great living at a career you love. For more information, contact Allied Health Institute today!

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