Elegant Glass Table Tops for your Dining Table

Glass table tops not only look elegant but they also protect furniture from getting scratches or stains from spilled substances. When buying your wooden furniture, your choice may have been guided by the type of wood and the way the design appealed to your eyes.

Glass table tops, Minneapolis can be used to give the much needed facelift to dining tables that would otherwise look ancient and boring. Glass tops make tables look newer and more attractive. Take the dining area for instance. A dull looking table contributes to poor appetite and failure to enjoy meals. The tips below will be useful in your quest for the most ideal glass table tops to transform your dining room.

* Determine the shape of glass top: There is a wide array of shapes as per the needs of a shopper. Traditionally, dining tables are rectangular. Such a table enables guests to seat across each other. This facilitates conversation and eases passing of food across. In addition a rectangular table allows you to place dining seats easily. Thus, by picking on rectangular glass table tops, you will be contributing significantly to the already existing advantages of such dining tables.

* Size of glass table tops: This depends on the number of family members and anticipated guests you will be serving as the need arises. A table measuring 36’’ in diameter can accommodate up to 4 people. One measuring 48’’ by 96’’ will attain a maximum of 12-14 people. It is up to you to decide on the number of people you intend to host. As a hint, always go for a dining table that is slightly bigger than what you want. This way, extra guests will be accommodated with ease.

* A touch of decoration: Glass table tops, Minneapolis makers can be able to customize tables in different artistic ways. Glass tops can be carved and etched into any type of design a client wants. Beveled edges are quite popular with many. It involves carving an angle on the table top’s edge. This is done an inch or so away from the edge. You could also have an engraved design consisting of flowers or frosted lines. Such designs add sophistication and elegance.

* Glass table tops, Minneapolis dining tables can be cleaned with ease: You do not need to place a table cloth or pad as is the case with wooden tops. Those sharp smelling creams and detergents used to polish wooden tables become a thing of the past. Cleaning a glass table requires a sponge and some warm water. A glass table top is the epitome of sophistication making you entertain guests in style. There are other glass table options for living room and bedroom furniture as well.

As you shop for glass table tops always remember the size, shape and any customization you require. Give your dining table the long awaited facelift and see the difference. Visit Glass Doctor Minneapolis MN.

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