Enjoy a Long-Lasting Roofing Solution From a Superior Home Roofing Service in Lincoln, NE

A damaged or failing roof can leave a home or business exposed to the weather, but there are ways to reduce this risk. Perhaps the best option is to cover the roof with a high-grade roofing material such as galvanized steel or class-4 modified shingles. For instance, class-4 shingles modified with an SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) asphalt mix can reduce the chances of hail damage dramatically. Tough and durable doesn’t mean that the roof must look ugly. In fact, most high-end roofing options provide a better appearance than budget-grade materials.

A Home Roofing Service in Lincoln NE can install a class-4 roofing solution that may be the last roof the home will ever need. To ensure the customer is happy with the way the roof looks, and they will remain so for a very long time, the roofing manufacturers provide various product styles including simulated shake and slate. Some of these unique appearances are gained with the right shapes and angles. Simulated slate often uses a thicker shingle with angled edges so that the resulting shadows can provide a visual depth to the roof. These techniques work surprisingly well, especially if the roofing color is varied enough to look more like stone.

So, why does a superior Home Roofing Service in Lincoln NE recommend class-4 products? Mostly to ensure the customer is happy with the final results. A class-4 material is designed to withstand the force of a 2-inch steel ball being dropped from 20 feet. This is typically more force than that of hail except during exceptionally severe storms. Compare this to a class 1 roofing solution that can only handle the force of a 1 and 1/4 inch ball from a 12-foot drop. Bear in mind that a golf ball is 1.68 inches in diameter.

Another benefit to high-end roofing products is the resistance to stains. Stains such as algae growth can quickly make a roof look old and unkempt, and these stains are almost impossible to remove. A modified roofing solution enhanced with Scotch-Guard can help the roof covering resist the buildup of algae or any stains that result from water pooling on the structure. A better-looking roof can easily improve the value of the home, and most roofs made from a modified asphalt product fit this bill. Visit the experts at Malcomroofing.net to learn more about strong, durable roofing solutions.

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