Evaluating Home Weight Loss Programs

Snake oil salesman may be a thing of the past, but there are more than enough home weight loss programs making false claims to take their place. Not every program is effective or safe. Talking to people about their products gives you a leg up.

There’s an old saying, “There’s no truth in advertising.” Sometimes, that’s correct. People make claims using loopholes or with the confidence they won’t be called out. It takes a keen eye to spot the fakes before you waste money, time or risk your health. The work isn’t as daunting as it appears. By keeping focused on a few simple facts, you can find a weight loss plan that works.

Dangerous Home Weight Loss Programs

The worst plans encourage practices that could seriously affect people’s health. In the 1800s, for instance, women used to swallow tape worms to drop unwanted pounds. Women wound up becoming desperately ill.

In the same way, forcing your body to regurgitate food is a dangerous way to control or lose weight. It’s ineffective too because the body fights to retain calories it loses through purging. Metabolism falls, and the body is forced into survival mode. People who lose weight this way are literally starving themselves.

Bunk Programs for Making Money

Quite a few multilevel marketing companies have been created to sell weight loss products to customers. These customers often become suppliers. This on its own is not the sign of a fraud. However, companies without scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of their products may be pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes.

Any products sold as part of a weight loss program should have additional health benefits. Any product focusing solely on losing pounds versus lower cholesterol and a healthier heart is suspect. These bunk products may be filled with additives that are worse for your body than staying heavy.

Healthy Plans

The best home weight loss programs emphasize health. Exercise and diet may be tailored to battle the bulge, but it’s done safely over a reasonable period of time. There are few overnight success stories and many satisfied users with progress to talk about. Evaluating programs can be difficult, but finding a winner is worth it.

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