Even Well-Built Homes in Scarsdale NY Need Duct Cleaning

If interested in duct cleaning in Scarsdale NY residents should first learn why the service is so important. The American Lung Association estimates that most people spend sixty to ninety percent of their lives indoors. With that being the case the air we breathe inside has a much more lasting effect on our health than that of the air outdoors. Today, contractors are able to build homes with less air loss than ever before. While that may be good for our pocketbooks it is not so good for our lungs. With all the pollutants found in the air inside a typical home it is no surprise more and more people are turning to duct cleaning as a solution to respiratory problems.

The Common Cold

During the spring and fall months every sniffle and cough is blamed on allergies whether it be pollen or mold. During the summer and winter those same symptoms are labeled as a cold. Summer colds hit hard. During winter everyone catches a cold. Or so we are told. For Scarsdale NY residents who seem to suffer year round from allergies or just can’t shake a cold there may be another culprit to blame – the air in their home. Common allergens are present in every home. Unfortunately those allergens are circulated and re-circulated through the air duct systems of homes. They collect inside the ducts and create deposits where mold and other toxins can reproduce adding even more pollutants into the environment.

The Downside To Quality Construction

Most people understand the value of getting air conditioning units and furnaces cleaned annually, but never realize that the dust and debris from those systems are often pulled directly into the air ducts. With modern homes built to be air tight the dust never has a chance to escape. By trapping the air inside the home many allergens are trapped with it. The impressive advancements in homebuilding have lured many homeowners into a false sense of security.

HVAC Maintenance Not Enough

Most Scarsdale NY homeowners believe they are helping their HVAC systems with their yearly cleaning when in fact they may be causing more damage! The EPA states that with even a fourth of an inch of dust coating the coils of an air conditioning unit the air output from said unit can be decreased over twenty percent. By having air ducts inspected once a year dust accumulations can be avoided and removed if necessary through air duct cleaning.

Everyone knows the old adage, ‘a man’s home is his castle,’ and couldn’t agree more. Misinformation and a false sense of security leads to poisoning of the air in that castle, unfortunately. With just a little extra money and a duct cleaning Scarsdale NY families can spend their days without coughing and wheezing in their castles.

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