Exotic Car Rentals: A Great Father’s Day Gift

Are you trying to decide how to give Dad a day to remember for father’s day? Of course it’s nice to take him out for a meal and to give him a day to put his feet up and relax but as far as a gift goes, it can get difficult to come up with something creative.  How many "World’s Greatest Dad" coffee mugs and novelty ties does he really need? Have you thought about giving him an experience, instead? What about an exotic car rental? Exotic car rentals in Toronto, for instance, could have several options to give Dad a day to remember:

Rent Dad a Ferrari / Porsche / Corvette / Lamborghini / Audi R8 for the Day:

How would Dad feel about having a day with the car of his dreams? Ideas for exotic car rentals for Father’s Day could be:

1. Ferrari F430
2. Audi R8
3. Corvette Z06
4. A 911 Turbo Porsche
5. Ariel Atom
6. Lamborghini Gallardo
7. And the list goes on…

Buy Dad a Father’s Day Track Day Experience

Rather than just giving your Dad a day to drive a luxury car with no plans for it, what about a track day experience where he gets time on a race track with a luxury car? What about if he had time in that exotic car rental with an instructor who could help him with a race school experience and then multiple laps on a track? You could wind up with a coffee mug that says "World’s Greatest Son" or "World’s Greatest Daughter" as a result!

An Exotic Cars Tour with Multiple Luxury Cars to Drive

Not sure which automobile your Dad has been dreaming about driving? An exotic car tour could be the perfect Father’s Day gift that enables dear ‘ole dad to drive multiple exotic cars all in one day.

An exotic car rentals Toronto experience for your father (you might even want to join in and make it an experience with father-son or father-daughter bonding) could mean it’s the best Father’s Day ever!

Whether it is a Ferrari or a Porsche, a Lamborghini or an Audi, Exotic Car Tour offers various exotic cars for rent in Toronto. Contact them now for an unforgettable luxury car ride.

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