Factors that Determine if you are a Good Candidate for Oral Surgery York PA

Having oral surgery is a good way to fix your gum, replace your teeth and restore your smile. However, not everyone is a good candidate for oral surgery York PA. What follows are some of the things that determine if you qualify to have surgery performed on your mouth, jaws or teeth.

Your dental health is the first thing that determines if you are a good candidate for oral surgery York PA. For you to realize the full benefits of the surgery, your oral health should be excellent. If you suffer from gum disease, it should be treated before you go under the knife. Your doctor will first carry out a through dental examination before performing the surgery on you. The doctor will use a CT scan to check on not only the condition but the density of your jaw bone as well. X-rays are used to isolate any decaying teeth. It is advisable that you are truthful with your doctor. If you have had surgery performed in the past, let him/her know. This will help prevent complications thereafter.

Another thing that determines if you are a suitable candidate for oral surgery York PA is your general health. For surgery to be considered successful, you must heal well. It goes without saying that if your immune system is compromised, you will not heal well. This will put you at higher risk of getting an infection. This is especially true if you smoke, drink or use drugs. If you suffer from diabetes, you are unlikely to undergo oral surgery. With diabetes, you are less likely to heal fast. Moreover, you are at risk of getting a secondary infection.

The main characteristic that would make you to go for oral surgery is if you had problems with your teeth, mouth or jaw. However, there are many other factors to take into consideration before undergoing surgery. In addition to being in good health, as a candidate for oral surgery, the structure of your jaw bone should be sufficient. If you are getting implants, you ought to have enough bone to support them otherwise they will fall off. As a good candidate for surgery, you will make sure that you address any tissue or gum infection before undergoing surgery. Moreover, you will adopt the excellent oral hygiene habits to ensure that you heal effectively. A good candidate is one who understands the dangers involved and is able to follow through on the whole process, which can take anywhere from three to six months.

There are a number of factors that determine candidacy for oral surgery. These include dental health and general body health. Smokers, alcoholics and substance abusers are not considered good candidates as their immune systems are compromised.


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