Find a Great Animal Clinic in Oahu

by | Jan 24, 2013 | animals-nature

Seeking an Animal Clinic in Oahu? If your pet is ill, injured, or in need of any sort of surgery, you may want to try and find a good animal clinic to provide your pet with the best health care possible. Here are some things to consider as you look for a great animal clinic in Oahu.

A Range of Services

A great animal clinic is equipped to solve whatever problems pet owners and their pets bring to its doors. The needs of your pet are diverse, and so a great animal clinic can provide medical, surgical, and dental care for your pet. Here are some of the services that a great animal clinic in Oahu should provide:

1. Surgery
2. Spay and Neuter procedures for dogs and cats
3. Vaccinations
4. Wellness exams
5. Startup exams
6. Heartworm screening for dogs

Especially in Hawaii, dogs are at risk of contracting heartworm due to the state’s high population of mosquitos, so it’s important that an animal clinic in Hawaii has heartworm screening for your dog.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Experts

You can tell a lot about the quality of an animal clinic by the quality of the people who run it. When you bring your pet to an animal clinic, he or she is already in a vulnerable state. The staff of an animal clinic must be well-equipped to take care of animals in need. This entails, firstly, being friendly and courteous to the owner, the primary caretaker of the animal. Secondly, the veterinary professionals staffing an animal clinic must be compassionate and knowledgeable about both the problems that face animals and their solutions.


A great animal clinic will not only treat your pet’s current problems but work with you to prevent future problems. When you take your pet to a great animal clinic, the veterinary professionals will be able to conduct a full exam on your pet and assess its overall health. Early detection of problems in your pet is essential to their ultimate treatment.


A great animal clinic houses a variety of facilities to serve the entire range of your pet’s needs. Some of the facilities which an animal clinic should ideally house include a laboratory, a surgical suite, a radiology unit, an ECG unit, an emergency facility, a diagnostic facility, a therapeutic unit, and a recovery unit.

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