Finding Auto Glass In Chicago

If we ignore customized or racing cars, one thing all automobiles have in common is that they have a windshield, a rear window, and side windows. However, there is little or no standardization between car makers when it comes to Auto Glass in Chicago. Safety and security are essential requirements for Auto Glass in Chicago. It keeps thieving hands out of the vehicle, as well as protects the driver and keeps him or her comfortable.

But Glass Breaks Easily

Today’s windshields are made with a special plastic film safety laminate throughout their centers which holds the shield together if it has been struck by something like a thrown up stone or a particularly large falling hail stone. While this will not deter a blow from a sledge hammer it is more than sufficient for the more common forms of impact. Likewise, the side and rear windows are see through yet tough enough to deter a casual opportunist thief.

Moreover, the windshield is now a structural member of the vehicle and adds to its rigidity. Along with the roof, the windshield provides an element of protection should the car accidentally rollover. When damage to the windshield is minor, the vehicle driver still has sufficient vision to be able to safely drive the car and, so long as there is no actual hole, there will be no discomfort inside.

However, the overall integrity will have been reduced and even driving over a slight bump in the road may cause the whole shield to fail. Additionally, moisture might enter the crack or chip and, since winter temperatures are low throughout Chicagoland, expanding ice might further damage the shield or window.

Some Cases Can Be Repaired, Others Require Replacement.

Owners of relatively new models of automobiles can turn to the maker’s main dealership for replacement windows and windshields but these can be expensive and often are not in stock so the wait could be quite long. Also, very few dealerships do on the spot window and windshield repairs.

Fortunately, there are more specialist shops that concentrate on both shield and window repairs and replacements. The advantage of using one of these is that they have the knowledge to advise if your damage is repairable and, if so, they repair it immediately while you wait (some can even come out and repair the damage wherever you have parked the vehicle). When needed, they can quickly source new or second hand replacements or have the part made to suit your vehicle.

For auto glass in Chicago; Frank’s Auto Glass have over 50 years experience in the supply and repair of car windows and windshields. They can meet the needs of all makes, models and vintages.

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