Finding the Right Movers in Connecticut

Whether you are moving across from one Connecticut neighborhood to another, you are probably looking for quality movers. If so, there are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Remember, all of your possessions will be in their care, so choose wisely. Here are some things to look for when speaking with moving specialists.

What services do they offer?

Movers, at least quality companies, offer much more than just the transportation of goods. Find out if they offer packing, moving, and unpacking services. Some even offer cleaning services after the boxes are out of the home or office. Having a company that offers a complete service can make the move almost effortless on your part.

Find out about their reputation

There are several ways to check up on a business. The Better Business Bureau is only one of those ways. These days, there are sites such as Angie’s List, or even Google Places. Yelp is another resource. Do not be afraid to ask for references. If you can find movers in Connecticut that have been in business for many years, and offer good rates, it’s best to get them while you can. These businesses often have a very busy schedule.

Ask about insurance

In the rare event that something happens that causes damage, you’ll at least have peace of mind if you check on the company’s insurance. Make sure they have it, and that your belongings will be covered. You may also want to ask if their employees are bonded. Most movers are honest businessmen, but sometimes the unthinkable happens. Most companies that offer moving services, and have been in business a while, will do everything possible to keep your property safe. They want you to be happy, so you’ll refer others to them.

Get several quotes

This is best whenever one needs to hire a new service or contractor. Contact the moving company, ask questions, and get a quote. Then call a few other companies and do the same thing. Weigh the prices, company history, and availability of each company before deciding. A reputable company will welcome any questions and answer any concerns you may have. If you do get vague responses, ask for a manager, or just move down your list to another company.

Most moves run smoothly. Nonetheless, it is best to be on the safe side. Some things are easily replaced while others are invaluable. Doing a little background work before the move can give you peace of mind, and possibly save you money. Click here to know more.

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