Five Point Checklist when hiring a Plumber

Whether you are undergoing renovations or are faced with a major plumbing issue finding a plumber can be a challenge. If you are in need of a plumbing company Milwaukee WI home owners can trust here is a five point check list to review before you commit:

1. Licensed and Insured: Many people do not even think to check that the plumber they hire is insured. This is a huge mistake as without a licensed plumber all kinds of issues can arise. You want to ask your plumber for their license just to be sure they are properly trained and can handle the job at hand. You also want to know that they are insured just in case they cause damage to your home during the plumbing process or suffer an injury while on the job at your property.

2. Licensed Plumber Doing the Work: A common practice of many plumbing companies home owners hire is to show up at the initial meeting license in hand but then send someone to do the job who is not licensed. You want to make sure that the person on site is in fact licensed as well. Ask them who will be doing the work so you know they too are licensed and insured. As well because they will be in your home you want to ask if they are bonded.

3. Guarantee: Plumbing can be a challenging process and in some cases damages can be incurred that are not obvious until after the job is done. From leaky showers to burst pipes due to faulty seals you want to know that your plumbing company will stand behind their work and provide further repairs should something go wrong. Also make sure they will give you the warranties for any parts they might use such as faucets.

4. Inspection: Make sure they plan to do an inspection before they start the job in order to discover the issue and then give you an accurate quote. This is important for renovations as well as you want to make sure there are not too many unexpected costs. In the case of renovations a lot of the onus is on you to be clear in explaining what you want as moving pipes can be expensive and a change like this mid job will cost a fortune.

5. Cleanup: Last but not least make sure they will clean up before they go!
These five points will help you find a trustworthy plumbing company Milwaukee WI homeowners can hire with confidence.

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