Fixing Circulation Problems

Do you have problems with walking because your legs get really heavy and start to feel sluggish? Is there pain like you are starting to get a cramp but it never really seems to set in? If so then you may have a problem with circulation in your legs. There are a variety of factors that can cause these issues. Some of them are significant and others are bit more minor. One of these kinds of issues is called spider veins. That sounds somewhat scary but in truth it is a minor condition where some of the smaller veins in your legs become damaged and cannot effective more blood through them anymore. The blood eventually pools and they take on a reddish or blue color. Luckily there are a few minimally invasive procedures that can take care of this complication.

One Method Is Laser Therapy

This kind of therapy involves a laser that is used on the affected areas. This is a quick and painless procedure which is done inside the doctor’s office and involves very little on your part. The laser itself is shot at a particular vessel and as the light passes through the skin it begins to heat the area underneath the skin. What this does is seals the vein off and allows the body to reabsorb it back into your system. The process can take several sessions to complete but the results are effective and clear to see. If you have these kinds of issues and do not want to have an invasive surgery to fix them this is your best solution but that said there is another option as well.

Sclerotherapy Might Work For You

Another basic method of dealing with these poor vessels is called sclerotherapy. This kind of therapy involves a small needle and a medication that has been FDA approved. This sclerosing solution is injected directly into the affected area and eventually over several weeks it will slowly begin to blanch and disappear entirely. It is suggested that both this technique and the laser are used in conjunction for best results.

Minor circulation issues arise all the time in people of all shapes and sizes. It is not something that you should feel the need to be ashamed of. There are treatments available for you and these kinds of complications can and usually are treated effectively. So if you are dealing with these types of problems then feel free to check out some of the alternative methods to handling them safely.

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