Flood Damage in Pasadena Can Be a Major Problem

When you get affected by flood damage in Pasadena it’s not only your homes structure that may be damaged, it may be some or all of your personal possessions and perhaps even your health.

When flood water is clean, perhaps from a broken pipe in your home, the flood damage in Pasadena is very different than when the flood water is filthy. Flood water from a river, creek or extremely heavy downpour carries with it dirt and bacteria. After every major flood you will see evidence of this for many months after the event.

It does not sound like much but as little as two inches of filthy water can easily destroy carpeting, dry wall, furniture and appliances. When the water level exceeds even a couple of inches the flood damage in Pasadena can affect you entire electrical system but shorting the circuits via the wall sockets.

Flood damage in Pasadena is never localized, a flood will have a damaging effect not only on you but the entire neighborhood, and perhaps the entire city will be inundated. When your property has been flooded, first contact your insurance adjuster but don’t be surprised if he takes a few days to arrive at your home due to the massive damage. In the meantime, take advantage of the time to fully document your particular losses. Make a full and comprehensive listing of all the damages, not only to the structure, but to the contents. Photographic evidence is best so take plenty of pictures and videos to support your claim and your potential application for disaster relief and tax deductions that may be valid.

Don’t start cleaning up until either the insurance adjuster has arrived or you complete the photographic documentation of the flood damage in Pasadena. You may very well turn to a professional team of cleanup and restoration service later, but your immediate contribution will help with salvage.

When you begin the cleanup start by shoveling out as much mud and debris that you possibly can. Once the debris and mud are out, get your garden hose and flush whatever is left off all the hard surfaces in your home. Once you have done this, make a mixture of hot water, mild disinfectant and a very heavy duty cleanser and spray the surfaces. Scrub the surfaces and spray with fresh water again. This task can be repeated as many times as you think is needed. The disinfectant along with the detergents is designed to combat disease by killing germs that will have been part of the flood damage in Pasadena.

Once the germs have been talked, the next place to turn is the kitchen of your home. The flood damage in Pasadena will have affected the eating utensils, all of which will need to be cleaned and sterilized prior to further use.

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