Flooring: not Just Good, but it has to be Right

Flooring matters a lot. It’s partially a decorative thing, which certain people are overly quick to dismiss. There are also very real practical considerations to take into account when selecting flooring. You do need to account for region to some extent. Austin, being a warmer city, doesn’t’ have to worry about the effects of street salt on their flooring, or tracked in snow. At the same time since Austin is in a warmer climate, which is a double edged sword. In Austin, flooring that makes the feet feel excessively hot can be bad (you don’t want something that captures heat) too much.

Different settings have different requirements as well. The kitchen and bathroom have different priorities from the front walk way or the family room. For the kitchen clean up is a serious concern as you don’t want a floor so textured you never quite get it perfectly clean after a spill. Besides the effect on appearance and possible problems with smell, there’s the basic issue of pest control. Austin is a nice city, but it is just a city, and all cities do have pest problems. It’s a side effect of lots of people living near each other and trash being common.

Bathroom flooring has a cleanup concern but has a larger concern over the ability to handle water. Even without a bathtub it’s a concern just due to the likelihood of leaks. With a bathtub it’s a necessary issue. It’s very hard to prevent water from dripping from a person onto the floor as they exit the shower. Even with towels and mats in place it’s quite likely some water will fall and hit the floor. If the floor doesn’t handle water well it’s probably best off in the family room. The family room has the lowest cleanup concern just because there are fewer messes likely there as compared to the kitchen, and a lower likelihood of liquid than the bathroom. The front hall is a bit more of a concern because it is where people will walk in with muddy shoes.

Ultimately, flooring comes down to marrying what you want in terms of appearance with what the setting demands in terms of durability and upkeep. So Austin homeowners, be diligent, make sure you know what you want for flooring, and not just its appearance. A roughly textured floor can look great but might be a nightmare in your kitchen the first time spaghetti sauce spills on it. Make sure to balance the practical side with the important desire to make your house look as close to your vision of a perfect home as possible.

Austin Flooring – It’s not just a matter of having good flooring it’s about having the right flooring for each setting. Whether you’re not sure what you want, or if you have a definite idea you should contact Dela Tiles an Austin area company with 12 years of experience in the region, dedicated to giving you a better experience than the ‘big box’ companies do. They can be found at.



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