Four Steps for Recovering from a Lip Enhancement Procedure

Lips come in all sizes, but many with smaller lips wish to make their lips bigger. A Lip Enhancement procedure can increase the overall size of the lips as well as provide a fuller shape. The procedure is relatively simple, but there will be some recovery time afterward. There are four steps for recovering from a lip enhancement that those considering it need to be aware of.

Avoid Wearing Lipstick

After a lip enhancement, the mouth will be sore and swollen. To avoid causing any more pain than there already is, lipstick should not be used. Other forms of make-up worn on the lips, such as lip gloss and lip balm, should also be avoided.

Apply Ice

When the procedure is finished, the patient should go home and immediately apply ice to their mouth. There will be a great deal of swelling that occurs. The ice will help reduce the swelling, so it is not as painful.

Steer Clear of Hot or Cold Foods

For the first day after the enhancement procedure, hot and cold foods should be avoided. During the procedure, numbing agents are used. These agents can stay active for several hours after the procedure. If the patient attempts to eat something too hot or too cold, he or she will not be able to tell due to the numbness. Once it wears off, however, some pain from eating the food may be felt, particularly if it was something hot. Soft foods are also the most ideal.

Resist the Urge to Scratch

Lips may feel itchy after the procedure is over. Although people will be tempted to scratch, they need to resist the urge to do so. Itching and scratching can lead to scarring and a mouth that does not heal properly.

A Lip Enhancement procedure can be performed quickly, depending on the type of substance used to make the enhancement. No one should enter into the procedure lightly, however. While the enhancement will not take much time itself, patients will need to spend some time recovering to ensure the procedure sticks. Those considering a lip enhancement can visit the Renew MediSpa of Southern New Hampshire LLC for more information about the procedure and how long the results last.

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