Four Styles for Room Dividers

A room divider can be used as a practical way of dividing space in almost any kind of living situation. Room dividers offer an efficient way to organize a room, isolate a space for meditation or study, can be easily moved, and are available in numerous kinds of materials – from wood and glass to rice paper and wire.

There are a number of different styles and types of room dividers that are available to match the décor of your home; it is just a matter of finding a room divider that reflects your tastes and can be used well functionally in the space which you want it to inhabit. There are generally about four different styles of room divider to choose from, so depending on your preference, you can narrow it down from there.

Antique: For a more rustic appeal, homeowners prefer big, chunky and heavy wood to section off various areas of the house and function as a room divider. The charm of this style works well in a home office with an antique desk, or perhaps to partition off a small study replete with a fireplace or wood stove. Some people prefer lighter material, however, but are attracted to an antique design, so may choose instead to use a scrolled metal.

Asian: A particular style of Japanese room divider, known as Shoji screens, is very popular in interior decorating all over the world as it allows for a great deal of privacy, yet light can still stream through the rice paper that is used as a concealing barrier. Shoji screens often offer an interesting and appealing look and can accommodate almost any area since they fan out, somewhat like a triptych, and can consist of several panels.

Contemporary: For a more hip, modern look, a room divider can serve aesthetic tastes more than functionality by becoming a type of furniture that doubles as artistic display. Some screens may consist of a variety of geometric shapes, glass, wires, panels, wood, metal and more, adding significant appeal and even color to a balanced room. If you are looking for privacy, however, a contemporary room divider is more likely to be more or less transparent than not.

Artistic: Room dividers can be found that may appeal to more eclectic tastes, featuring artwork, paintings or stretched photography. College kids may prefer this style in an apartment situation, though it could reflect a fun, heterogeneous style, as well.

Basically, whatever your taste or personal style may be, there is likely a room divider that will reflect it and fit perfectly in your home, apartment, room or living space.

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