Fox Lighting Galleries Wants You To See Your Home In A New Light

Claude Monet is the perfect example of the importance of light. Look at his amazing paintings and you’ll discover that his subject is actually light. He paints his Lily Ponds at separate times throughout the day in order to explore new reflections, colors and shapes. It really goes to show you how light is the most important part of art. And it’s no different in your own home when it comes to interior design.

Light Can Change Complexion

Look around your house the next time there is a gloomy, overcast day. The light coming in through the windows is rather glum and has the ability to change the complexion of your house. Furniture can look older and colors seem faded. Compare that to your house on a beautiful day. The natural light makes everything look young, vibrant and bright.

Interior Lights

The lighting you choose for your home has the same effect. Poor lighting can make a space look sad, dreary and tired. Chicago quality lighting can make your rooms look new. In fact, you can give your house a fresh interior redesign simply by changing your interior light fixtures. Better light equals a better house.

Chicago Quality Lighting

You can control the light in your own home by heading to Fox Lighting Galleries. We sell the finest Chicago quality lighting in Illinois. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can educate you about your lighting options in order to make your house look young, vibrant and bright.

There’s a lot that goes into quality lighting decisions. Let us walk you through every step as you choose to see your house in a new light. We can work with any interior design and any budget. Visit to explore the possibilities and then head into our gallery to meet our friendly staff. Follow us on google+.

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