Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Service In Tunkhannock, PA

To maintain a functional sewer system, homeowners must have regular sewer inspections and cleanings by a professional Sewer Service in Tunkhannock PA. Disregarding sewer issues can cause a system failure and expensive repairs. Obstructions in the sewer line can prevent proper flow to the tank, and this can cause the sewage to back up and enter the home through the sink and bathtub drains. Homeowners can learn more information about common sewer problems and professional sewer service by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What is the major reason why a sewer line becomes obstructed?

A.) Homeowners who have an obstruction in their sewer line most often have tree roots growing in their sewer pipes. Tree roots that spread from trees growing in close proximity to the sewer line and will enter the pipes through a small crack or where the pipes join. Once the roots enter the sewer line, they continue to grow at a fast rate because of the plentiful water and nutrients they’re getting from the sewer. As the tree roots get longer, they fill in the open space of the sewer pipe and form a large clump that closes off the flow of waste and water through the sewer.

Q.) Why is it important for homeowners to have their sewer system inspected and cleaned?

A.) A sewer inspection will catch any sewer problems before they get out of hand. Once sewer problems escalate, it can cost a sizable sum of money for the repairs. During a professional inspection, the technician who specializes in Sewer Service in Tunkhannock PA will measure the level of sewage that’s in the tank. If it’s necessary, the technician will use a vacuum hose and a pump truck to remove the contents from the septic tank. Routine tank cleaning is very important, so the sewage doesn’t overflow from the tank and soak the drain field. If the tank is too full, there isn’t enough room for the continual influx of waste and this will also cause it to back up into the home.

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