Full Service Veterinary Care: Veterinary Oncology in Oregon

When you add a pet to your family, you become responsible for all their care, including preventative and advanced veterinary care. Your pet deserves the same quality care that you provide for the rest of your family. Regardless of whether you bring home a new puppy or kitten, or an older rescue, your pet will require routine appointments, vaccinations, and dental care. Making sure your pet receives preventative care will help keep your pet healthy and catch things that may be more serious early. Check WestVet Oregon to see what a full service veterinary provider can offer.
Having access to a full service veterinary provider will make it easy to care for all of your pet’s needs. A clinic that offers the services of Veterinary Oncology in Oregon will give you the best care for your pet when they need specialized oncology services. Veterinarians who handle both routine care such as vaccinations, fecal exams, diet and nutrition, general dental care and more advanced care such as oncology, specialized diets, surgery, and pain management will ensure that your pet is well cared for regardless of their age or stage of life.

Veterinarians who offer alternative treatments such as acupuncture, rehabilitation, and behavior evaluations, combined with mainstream medicine can give your pets the best of both worlds.  Some full service veterinarians also offer specialized services in radiology, ophthalmology, pathology, and dermatology.

Having a veterinarian who offers emergency and critical care 24 hours a day can give you the peace of mind that you have resources and support whenever you need them even after hours.  In house radiology and surgery means that all of your pets needs can be taken care of quickly and efficiently in house.

Having a full service provider who also offers Veterinary Oncology in Oregon will allow you to rest easy that your pet will be cared for in all aspects of his or her life. From first puppy shots, to young adult exercise advice, through mid-life nutritional guidance, and senior care, your pet will receive high quality care with each visit. Click here to find out more about specialized veterinary medicine.

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