Furniture Store Las Vegas – Identifying Quality

Furniture Store Las Vegas – Identifying Quality

When many shoppers visit a furniture store they find that they do not know what to look for. They know that they would like to purchase quality furniture but are not sure what features to look for that will tell them that it is quality furniture. If you find yourself confused when you walk into a furniture store Las Vegas you will find the following tips useful.

One of the first signs to look for in quality furniture is the type of wood that it is made from. High quality furniture that is durable is made of hardwood. Trees that produce high quality hardwood are coniferous trees such as mahogany, oak, teak, and maple. The wood has to be dried in a kiln to lower the moisture content and therefore prevent the wood from warping over the course of time.


However, as you walk through a furniture store you will notice that most modern furniture is not entirely made of wood. You may find that the manufacturers have used engineered wood or plywood. This does not mean that the furniture is of poor quality. Plywood and engineered wood are usually used to increase the strength of the furniture. They are constructed to prevent warping and splitting of the wood. They are also constructed with attractive veneers to make the finishing more attractive. You should ask the salesperson in the furniture store Las Vegas about the wood and its construction.

You should then inspect the furniture more closely. Look at the joints used for the construction of the furniture. The joints of a piece of furniture are the best way to determine the strength and durability of the piece. A weak joint will mean that the piece of furniture will break soon and will therefore need replacing. It is therefore not worth spending money on as you will spend much more when you have to repair it or have it replaced. The furniture may also result in an injury that can be easily avoided.


The best joints for furniture are dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joints. These joints have been used for years in furniture and continue to be the best joints for sturdy furniture. They also provide a beautiful finish. These joints should have been screwed or have dowels for increased strength. Where glue has been used, the glue should not show outside the joint.

Check on the finishing of the furniture. Check on how well the furniture has been sanded and stained. How about the stitches on the fabric? You should avoid furniture that is rough or has splintered edges.
Be sure to visit more than one furniture store so that you can compare the different furniture on offer.

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Whether you are buying modern furniture or the traditional ones There are various factors to consider when searching for quality furniture in a Furniture Store Las Vegas . Find out more information visit   Discount furniture.

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furniture store Las Vegas you will find the following tips useful.

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